Katie Fouks. Aroace author writing aromantic and asexual spectrum characters across various genres.
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July Short Story Release

In “Red, White, and Green,” the newest An Aspec for All Seasons short story, meet Rhea Morgan, an Olympic gymnastic determined to use her platform to bring visibility to aromanticism. She is allosexual as well as aro and shares an intimate moment with teammate Jaedyn during some downtime in the Olympic Village. Available now on […]

Halfway There Giveaway

An Aspec for All Seasons is an anthology series of short stories based on holidays and seasonal events and featuring aromantic and asexual spectrum characters. One story is released per month, meaning the series is now half complete! To celebrate, the first two stories, A Queerplatonic New Year and An Aroflux Valentine’s Day, will be […]

Shoutout to Aromantic Guide

Aromantic Guide came to my attention as a source driving some people to my site, and I wanted to mention them in return. This page includes a lot of good basic information on aromanticism, including various arospec identities, breakdowns of different types of attraction, and types of aromantic relationships as well as an “Am I […]