Katie Fouks. Aroace author writing aromantic and asexual spectrum characters across various genres.
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New Short Story Release

The eighth An Aspec for All Seasons story is here, friends! In The Lammas Date, modern spirtitual witch Lyssa is definitely interested in fellow coven member Haven. But would Haven be willing to date an aromantic woman? A fateful step forward on the holiday of Lammas may leave both of them in a place they…

New Book Release!

Long time, no see! I haven’t been very active in the original writing game in the last year and half or so as you can see, but that’s going to change going forward. The next two An Aspec for All Seasons stories are basically finished and just need to be edited. Expect those in the…

July Short Story Release

In “Red, White, and Green,” the newest An Aspec for All Seasons short story, meet Rhea Morgan, an Olympic gymnastic determined to use her platform to bring visibility to aromanticism. She is allosexual as well as aro and shares an intimate moment with teammate Jaedyn during some downtime in the Olympic Village. Available now on…