Shoutout to Aromantic Guide

Aromantic Guide came to my attention as a source driving some people to my site, and I wanted to mention them in return. This page includes a lot of good basic information on aromanticism, including various arospec identities, breakdowns of different types of attraction, and types of aromantic relationships as well as an “Am I Aro?” page and links to other aro resources. (Let me just say, that “Am I Aro?” page called me out like whoa.)

I’ve perused the whole site, and it’s wonderfully open, including mentions that someone can identify as aro without meeting the generally accepted definition as long as it’s useful to them, and acknowledging their list of arospec identities is only partial, with more new ones emerging every day.

It also includes a great page on aromantic creaters and creations across the board, including writers, illustrators, musicians, YouTubers, and more. Thank you very much, Aromantic Guide, for mentioning me among those writers. 🙂

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