New Book Release!

Long time, no see! I haven’t been very active in the original writing game in the last year and half or so as you can see, but that’s going to change going forward. The next two An Aspec for All Seasons stories are basically finished and just need to be edited. Expect those in the next month or two. For now, though, here’s a surprise drop!

For Normalcy is a collection of poems for the asexual and aromantic communities, both examing the negative aspects of life as an aspec longing for acceptance as well as the power of finding your community, living your truth, and using your unique voice.

(Content notes: this book contains discussions of aphobia/acepobia/arophobia, both internal and external, as well as aspec exclusion and antagonism.)

Find it here on Amazon. The eBook is $2.99, the paperback is $5.99, and you can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s looking forward to the next year with you guys. ❤

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