Katie Fouks

I am an aromantic asexual woman who discovered my identity starting in late 2019. My desire to see myself represented in the books I read led me to seek out aspec characters, and I was disappointed in the lack of variety in what I was finding, especially how asexual characters are far more common than aromantics. While I’ve been writing fanfiction for years (and continue to do so), this reignited my desire to write original content. I am focused on writing stories which feature aromantic and asexual spectrum characters as well as portray queerplatonic relationships.

I am also passionate about using these identity words (aromantic, asexual, queerplatonic, etc) explicitly in text as often as possible rather than leaving aspec identites to inference, easy dismissal, or solely word of the author.

I live in a small town in Wisconsin with an ever-growing pile of merch and can usually be found obsessing over Star Wars, buying too many books, and pining for my own long-distance queerplatonic partner.

(Pictured: Picrew image featuring the ace and aro flags. Headshot coming soon.)

Pride flags pictured:
Aspec, alloace, aroace, aroallo
Aromantic, demiromantic, gray aromantic, queerplatonic
Asexual, demisexual, gray asexual, nonlibidoist
Aplatonic, demiplatonic, grayplatonic, aplatonic aroace