Hello! Welcome to my author website and blog. I’m far from a programmer, so hopefully everything is where it should be and looks semi-decent. (Feel free to send me a message via the contact page if you find anything amiss.) I trust you to find the bio link up top there, so I won’t bore you with a full repeat. In short, my name is Katie Fouks, I’m aroace, and I’m a new indie author passionate about representing the various parts of my community. My first book, a novella called Ice Castle: A Queerplatonic Love Story is available now, and I am currently working on An Aspec for All Seasons, a series of holiday and seasonal event centered short stories featuring asexual and aromantic spectrum characters.

On this blog, you can expect to find updates as I work on projects as well as newsflashes when things are released or on sale. Also look for aspec activism, book recommendations, and shoutouts to other aspec authors. To get updates from this blog, please click the enter your email address below and click “sign up.” Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay!

New Short Story Release

The eighth An Aspec for All Seasons story is here, friends! In The Lammas Date, modern spirtitual witch Lyssa is definitely interested in fellow coven member Haven. But would Haven be willing to date an aromantic woman? A fateful step forward on the holiday of Lammas may leave both of them in a place they never knew their intentions would take them. The Lammas Date stars an aroallo cupioromantic lesbian lead and lesbian love interest.

Find it on Amazon here for $1.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited.

New Book Release!

Long time, no see! I haven’t been very active in the original writing game in the last year and half or so as you can see, but that’s going to change going forward. The next two An Aspec for All Seasons stories are basically finished and just need to be edited. Expect those in the next month or two. For now, though, here’s a surprise drop!

For Normalcy is a collection of poems for the asexual and aromantic communities, both examing the negative aspects of life as an aspec longing for acceptance as well as the power of finding your community, living your truth, and using your unique voice.

(Content notes: this book contains discussions of aphobia/acepobia/arophobia, both internal and external, as well as aspec exclusion and antagonism.)

Find it here on Amazon. The eBook is $2.99, the paperback is $5.99, and you can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s looking forward to the next year with you guys. ❤

July Short Story Release

In “Red, White, and Green,” the newest An Aspec for All Seasons short story, meet Rhea Morgan, an Olympic gymnastic determined to use her platform to bring visibility to aromanticism. She is allosexual as well as aro and shares an intimate moment with teammate Jaedyn during some downtime in the Olympic Village. Available now on Amazon for $0.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited.

Content warning: this story contains explicit sexual content.

Halfway There Giveaway

An Aspec for All Seasons is an anthology series of short stories based on holidays and seasonal events and featuring aromantic and asexual spectrum characters. One story is released per month, meaning the series is now half complete! To celebrate, the first two stories, A Queerplatonic New Year and An Aroflux Valentine’s Day, will be available for free from July 27th to July 31st, 2021! Please check them out if you’re interested! 💚💜

Shoutout to Aromantic Guide

Aromantic Guide came to my attention as a source driving some people to my site, and I wanted to mention them in return. This page includes a lot of good basic information on aromanticism, including various arospec identities, breakdowns of different types of attraction, and types of aromantic relationships as well as an “Am I Aro?” page and links to other aro resources. (Let me just say, that “Am I Aro?” page called me out like whoa.)

I’ve perused the whole site, and it’s wonderfully open, including mentions that someone can identify as aro without meeting the generally accepted definition as long as it’s useful to them, and acknowledging their list of arospec identities is only partial, with more new ones emerging every day.

It also includes a great page on aromantic creaters and creations across the board, including writers, illustrators, musicians, YouTubers, and more. Thank you very much, Aromantic Guide, for mentioning me among those writers. 🙂

Three New Short Stories!

Better late than never, right? Here are the March, June, and, at long last, January entries in the An Aspec for All Seasons series! That’s right, I’ve finally gone back and finished the first story in the series, meaning the first half of the year is now completely finished, and all the numbers of entries in the series, both covers and Amazon listings, should line up probably. Thank you so much for your patience on this.

As always, each story is available on Amazon for $0.99 or free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. And now a bit more on each of them:

A Queerplatonic New Year features aroace college student Trav who longs for a deeper connection with his straight best friend and roommate, Ollie. With encouragement from his sister, can he get what he wants – including the New Year’s kiss he dreams of?

We Love Our Queer Children centers on aroace single mother Penny and her son Aidan, who identifies the same way. When a Mother’s Day brunch brings up questions about Penny’s parenting, she’ll have to face her own insecurities to decide whether she’s done right by her son.

In The Nonlibidoist, Bry struggles with his identity as an asexual man with no sex drive and who has never had an orgasm. In a world of constant reminders that even aces can desire and enjoy sex, can he find acceptance? This story in particular is very close to my heart, because, although my experience is not identical to Bry’s, his struggles very much grew out of my own, and identifying as nonlibidoist is an important part of my ace identity.

Series Announcement & New Release

You got a Valentine’s Day-themed short story from me last month, and this month, there’s one for St. Patrick’s day! (See my “Books” page for details.) I’ve decided to make these a series. Called “An Aspec for All Seasons,” I’m hoping to release one holiday-themed short story per month through the end of the year. These will be standalone short stories featuring aromantic and/or asexual spectrum characters and, unless one turns out to be unprecidented in length, will go for 99c on Amazon for free with KU.

You’ll note that the covers for “An Aroflux Valentine’s Day” and “Don’t Kiss Me, I’m Ace” list them as books two and three, with no book one currently available. My plan is to go back and release a New Year’s-themed story to fill this gap after the Easter release. Hopefully you’re excited about this as endeavor me, and I’ll see you then!

New Release!

Happy Valentine’s day, dear readers. I’ve been itching to publish something new, and this time I though why not try a short story? And one for today’s holiday. “An Aroflux Valentine’s Day” is a 4,000 word short story featuring an aroflux pov character. You can find it here on Amazon for $0.99 or free with KU.