It’s important to me to be a source of education and visibility for the aspec community, so here is a glossary of basic terms and concepts along with some resources that might be helpful.

Aspec – refers to anyone on the aromantic and/or asexual spectrums
Alloromantic – a person who feels romantic attraction reguarly; someone who is not aromantic
Allosexual – a person who feels sexual attraction regularly; someone who is not asexual
Aromantic – a person who feels no romantic attraction to anyone of any gender; also refers to all identies under the aromantic spectrum; “aro” for short
Arospec – a person on the aromantic spectrum
Asexual – a person who feels no sexual attraction to anyone of any gender; also refers to all identities under the asexual spectrum; “ace” for short
Acespec – a person on the asexual spectrum
Aromantic asexual – a person who is both aromantic and asexual; “aroace” for short
Alloromantic asexual – a person who is asexual but not aromantic; “alloace” for short
Aromantic allosexual – a person who is aromantic but not asexual; “aroallo” for short
Demiromantic/Demisexual – a person who can only feel romantic/sexual attraction after forming a close relationship with someone
Gray aromantic/Gray asexual – a person who feels romantic/sexual attraction rarely, weakly, or only under certain cirumstances (such as being demiromantic/demisexual); also “grayromantic/graysexual”
Queerplatonic relationship – a relationship defined by the people in it but not based on romantic attraction

Many (but not all) aspecs divide their romantic and sexual attractions by who they feel each type towards using the Split Attraction Model. For example, a person may identify as “homoromantic asexual,” meaning they are asexual and feel sexual attraction to no one and either alloromantic or an arospec who sometimes feels romantic attraction, and that romantic attraction is always toward people of the same sex. Similarly, an “aromantic pansexual” would be an aromantic person who feels romantic attraction to no one and and is either allosexual or an acespec who sometimes feels sexual attraction, and that attraction can be toward any gender. Aspecs may also choose to identy as non-SAM aces or aros, meaning they prioritize their ace or aro identity and choose not to disclose if or how they feel any other form of attraction.

Aromantic Guide

(Pictured: aromantic spectrum pride flag)